Uber Calculator

Uber Calculator

Use our Uber calculator to instantly calculate the cost of an Uber ride in your city. To get started you just have to enter your pickup and drop-off address. You can decide whether you want to make your Uber estimate private or public for all our readers. On the next page you will see the real-time Uber fares and potential price surges for your Uber trip.

Uber Calculator

What is Uber?

Uber is an on-demand private car service. You can order a car by a tap of a button in more than 500+ cities worldwide. Uber is often cheaper than local taxis, but have other price models. Uber is using the concept of surged prices when the demand is higher. You will find a different variety of car types in each available city. The cheapest car option is UberX.

Uber Fare Estimate

This Uber fare calculator will show you the estimated fare price for the route. The fare rates are different in each country to match the local prices. Uber will always charge at least the base fare to compensate the drivers for short trips. Estimate your trip before ordering an Uber taxi to avoid surged or unexpected prices. Get real-time rates with this estimator.

Uber Pricing Model

Uber is pricing their service by 4 components. You will always have to pay a base fare which is being charged in the beginning of the trip. While driving you pay a cost per minute and a cost per mile/km. Finally there is a booking fee also known as "Safe Ride Fee" which covers operational costs. Uber's service fee does not apply to UberBLACK and UberSUV.